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OSHA/State Consultation Project Directory

Consultation programs provide free services to employers who request help in identifying and correcting specific hazards, want to improve their safety and health programs, and/or need further assistance in training and education. Funded by OSHA and delivered by well trained professional staff of state governments, consultation services are comprehensive, and include an appraisal of all workplace hazards, practices, and job safety and health programs; conferences and agreements with management; assistance in implementing recommendations; and a follow-up appraisal to ensure that all required corrections are made.

In a typical review of a company's operation, the consultant will examine the structural condition of the building, check equipment such as forklifts, examine storage conditions, check control of toxic substances and other environmental hazards, and confer with management about employee supervision and job training. The ultimate benefits of a successful consultation experience may include a highly effective safety and health program as well as recognition by OSHA.

For more information on consultation programs, contact the appropriate office in your state. An updated listing can also be obtained at: